Federal State Budgetary Science Institution Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences (IMSP RAS) was founded in 1985 by the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Institute is the part of the Department of power engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics, and control processes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At present time is one of the leading research institutes in the field of metallurgy, mechanical processing of metals and alloys, superplasticity, and the development and fabrication of new materials. Institute is under the jurisdiction of the established in May 2018 Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 


Federal State Budgetary Science Institution Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences in 2018 is attributed the 1st category institute.


IMSP RAS is conducting fundamental as well as applied research in the fields of material science, physics of condensed matter and and mechanics of deformable solids, aimed at the development of new functional materials, particularly nanostructured, with improved properties, and resource-saving technologies for processing industrial alloys, intermetallic compounds. 


Institute produces:

• scientific papers, monographs, patents etc.

• technologies for the production of semi-finished products and products;

• products and prototypes


Center for Innovation of IMSP RAS equipped with a modern park of metalworking equipment and equipment for deformation-technical processing of materials. In the IMSP RAS, products and prototypes can be manufactured by orders of research and innovation departments of the Institute, as well as other organizations. 

Collaborative Access Center provides services to the structural divisions of the IMSP  RAS, as well as to the other organizations.


Dissertation Committee of IMSP RAS  work on two scientific specialities: 

01.04.07 - Condensed matter physics (physical and mathematical sciences);

05.16.01 - Physical metallurgy and heat treatment of metals and alloys (technical sciences).


IMSP RAS publishing a scientific journal (“Letters on Materials”), covered in Web of Science and Scopus.


Each two years the open School-conference of CIS countries "Ultrafinegrained and nanostructured materials" is conducted.


IMSP RAS own the licence to conduct post graduate education in a field of physical and mathematical sciences and technical sciences. Currently, two doctoral programs are available: 

03.06.01 - physics and astronomy; 

22.06.01 - technology of materials.


IMSP RAS has joint departments in Bashkir State University, Ufa State Aviation Technical University and Ufa State Petroleum Technical University. The Scientific and Educational Centers are organised with Ufa State Aviation Technical University and Bashkir State University.