Development program

The development program of the IASP RAS was developed in accordance with the goals and objectives of the national project "Science" and is aimed at promoting the IASM RAS to the leading positions in the world in the field of fundamental, exploratory and applied scientific research in the following statutory directions:

  •   development and research of the structure and properties of structural and functional materials with enhanced properties, including nanostructured ones;
  •   development of scientific foundations for innovative technologies for the manufacture of products and structures, including methods of plastic and superplastic shaping.

In the field of fundamental research, the goal of the Program is to increase the level of experimental and theoretical research in these areas, increase the visibility of the institute and its leading employees in the world scientific databases, and obtain world-class scientific results published in international journals with a high impact factor.

In the field of applied research, the goal of the Development Program is to create on the basis of the IASM RAS a research and production center "Advanced production technologies for shaping materials", the task of which is to develop, based on the results of fundamental research, promising production technologies for shaping metals and alloys that provide customization, resource conservation, environmental friendliness, flexibility and high production efficiency while improving the performance and reliability of products for aerospace technology, power engineering, the military-industrial complex, as well as small-scale production of these products.

Development program of the federal state budgetary institution of science, Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2019-2024.

RAS expert opinion on the development program of the IASP RAS

Программа развития федерального государственного бюджетного учреждения науки Института проблем сверхпластичности металлов российской академии наук на 2019-2024 гг. 

Экспертное заключение РАН о программе развития ИПСМ РАН