The list of research services provided in the Collaborative Access Center

Electron microscopic researches

1. Fractography of the fracture surface
2. Size and shape of particles, including nanoparticles
3. Determination of the elemental composition and structure of metals and alloys, the qualitative and quantitative composition of the phases
4. Research of the structure of metals and alloys, biological objects
5. Study of interphase and grain boundaries
6. Study of crystallographic grain orientations and texture of polycrystals by the method of diffraction of back-reflected electrons
7. Study of the elemental composition of steels, titanium and aluminum alloys by atomic emission spectroscopy.

X-ray structural researches

1. Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of multiphase alloys
2. Precise measurement of the crystal lattice period of metals and alloys
3. Determination of the integral width of the physical profile
4. Analysis of axial and limited textures of metals and alloys

Determination of the mechanical properties of materials

1. Mechanical tests at different strain rates
2. Isothermal tests (tension / compression / torsion) of samples at elevated temperatures
3. Fatigue and shock tests
4. Tests for long-term strength

Metallographic research

1. 2D-researches of the microstructure of metals and alloys using optical microscopy
2. 3D-researches of the parameters of the deformation relief and fractures of the surface of metals and alloys using laser scanning microscopy
3. Analysis of images and construction of histograms of the size distribution of elements and phases of metals and alloys.
4. Analysis of local microhardness of polycrystalline structures and thin coatings by the Vickers method

Thermal analysis

1. Research of phase transitions of materials
2. Investigation of materials melting processes
3. Research of heat resistance of materials
4. Research of decomposition reactions of materials